How one family’s passion became the centre of wellbeing for an entire community  

Maitri began life as a feeling, as one family’s willingness to do good in the local community. Back in 1998, after building careers in accountancy and pharmacy respectively, Mahesh and Jayshree Dhokia wanted to find a path that was more fulfilling.  

Mahesh had grown up in Kenya, as part of a household in which the desire to help people was deep-rooted; his mother was a herbalist. Being of service to others in the local community seemed like the way to go, but for Mahesh it was also important to find something that aligned with his beliefs and the spiritual life he led. This was the sticking point he would struggle with if he continued down the path of newsagents, a post office or accountancy. 

Despite not having experience in the industry, Mahesh and Jayshree took a leap of faith and set up a health store in Streatham. Maitri was born. At the time, they didn’t know the first thing about supplements, wellbeing and holistic health, but their willingness to learn and dedicate themselves toward helping others soon saw the business grow into a popular community store. 

The store became the Dhokias’ sole focus, and they started taking on more staff and studying about herbs, vitamins and minerals. But apart from a willingness to learn, more important in the early success of Maitri was the unique approach to customer service that visitors experienced. Word spread in the local community that Maitri was about health, not wealth, and that every customer was warmly received and genuinely served. The business went from strength to strength. 

Maitri today

To this day, Maitri continues to be a busy local business dedicated to serving the community. The store now has three dedicated herbalists, an acupuncturist, a reflexologist, an Ayurvedic specialist, a reiki master and a yoga meditation expert.

The herbal dispensary allows customers to consult with professionals who can create tailored medicines on a case by case basis. And all of these services are now available on-site, including guided donation-based yoga sessions. On top of that, Maitri sells a wide range of herbal medicines and premium supplements, all hand-picked by specialist to ensure customers benefit from the finest ingredients nature has to offer.  Maitri’s foodstore is also packed with products that are gluten free, vegan and veggie friendly, and organic. 

At Maitri we do things differently

There’s plenty of skepticism and misinformation surrounding supplements, herbal medicine and the wellness industry. Too many manufacturers and sellers put profits ahead of actually helping people. We do things differently. At Maitri, we firmly believe in giving our customers enough guidance to make informed decisions that allow them to take control of their own wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

That’s why our store is staffed by experienced experts dedicated to providing fantastic customer service, always willing to take the time to understand you and your lifestyle.

Having become a central part of the community in Streatham through honesty, integrity, and a willingness to help people, we’re now aiming to expand our reach. We’ll be selling our stock online to a global audience, and looking to build a community of customers based on the same principles that we’ve had since day one. 

In both our store in Streatham and our online shop, you’ll find high quality supplements, herbal remedies and formulas, along with the help and advice you need to make informed decision about your wellness.